Advanced BioStructural Correction™ (ABC™) has been practiced widely in the international sphere and has now been introduced to Australia.

ABC™ is a chiropractic method that is aimed at reducing PAIN, improving your POSTURE and generally improving your body’s PERFORMANCE.

The ABC™ method is a hands-on technique that involves stretches and adjustments to your spine, feet, legs and ribcage.

We hold a regular workshop on postural advice regarding correct sleeping, sitting and standing which can help reduce ongoing ergonomic mechanical stress. If patients are able to prevent unnecessary pressure on the body, they can stop injuries happening. Prevention can also speed up the body’s ability to recover. There are many simple ways to facilitate the effectiveness of ABC™ and our practitioners will be happy to help with suggestions and advice.

Dr. Beau L. Woods BSc(Chiro), BChiro, BCom, MPH

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Frozen Shoulder and Bursitis relief in Perth

May 22, 2020
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Pain and stiffness in your shoulder? You may have a ‘frozen shoulder’ or otherwise have inflammation of the bursa (bursitis). The bones, ligaments and tendons …